What people have said about me?

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Mrs L from East Sussex

I have suffered from Parkinson’s and many other medical problems for some considerable time and I was introduced to John by a relative. After my first session with him I found the pain was eased considerably and I felt so much better.

I was able to reduce the dose of addictive painkillers I had been prescribed. I have since had two further sessions and can only say that I feel more relaxed after each visit, I am sleeping better and I feel my symptoms are more under control. I have had such great benefit from the treatment I have received from John and I am definitely going to continue seeing him

Kathleen Sussex

I went to see John as I was having trouble walking, after seeing John I felt so much better and no longer needed the use of my walking sticks, in a very short space of time.


In September 2014 I had a supposedly straightforward surgical procedure which has left me with many ailments which mostly consist of pains in different parts of my body and severe fatigue. I have been extremely lucky to have met John on my amazing spiritual journey and have now had five sessions with John which has led me to have major changes in my pain. I no longer take any pain killers and there is a definite change for the good in my condition. I am so happy with my results that I will continue with my treatment with John in the future.”

Mrs W from East Sussex

I had a hard lump on the joint of one of my fingers and after having an Xray at hospital I was told it was nothing attached to the bone and could be removed by an operation. As it was getting in the way and was sore I decided to see John. I have now had three treatments and it has diminished in sized and getting more comfortable. I am going to continue my treatment with John.

Mr W from East Sussex

As a male to find a lump in my private region was quite worrying. I saw the Doctor who carried out a scan on the lump and advised that the lump is nothing serious but if it troubled me I could have it drained. I didn’t fancy this course of action so when I was introduced to John I agreed to let him treat me. It only takes about 20 minutes and after three sessions it is so much more comfortable and has diminished by half in size. I am very pleased with the results and am going to continue to see John.

Mrs A from East Sussex

I was recently introduced to John as I have problems with my shoulder and despite taking pain killers and exercise therapy from the Doctor the pain woke me up every night. I realise maybe people imagine the worst when they see Psychic Surgeon or may not even believe it possible but I can assure that it is restful, non-invasive and as far as I am concerned the results have been amazing. I had a lump on my shoulder and this has diminished in size. I understand something was not in the right place and this was remedied. I have had two sessions so far and have another one booked, but can honestly say it has transformed my life after nearly a year of pain. There is nothing to lose, but you must do exactly what John says, if he says rest you must take it easy.

Dave from Sussex

I heard about John from a friend who had seen him for an on-going health condition and felt a great deal better after having seen him. For quite some time I have suffered from acid reflux and felt I would like to try a treatment. The whole experience was very different to what I expected from Non Invasive Spiritual Surgery. John made me feel very relaxed and I seemed to drift off into a dreamlike state as he spoke to me, while I lay on the couch. After one session I could already feel an improvement in my condition. I had a further two sessions and have to say all is well. Many thanks to John and his helpers.