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About me

Since early childhood, I have felt Spirit around me; not only sensing them but also hearing their voices. They told me things about people I had never met and who had passed from this life.

By the time I attended Senior School, it was common practice for me to sit in the cemetery, holding conversations with my Nan Rose’s mum, Sarah Jane. This brought me a great deal of comfort while I was struggling in my school work with a debilitating condition that is more readily recognised and worked with these days; Dyslexia, an impaired ability to understand written language.

The school bullies were merciless in their taunts. While the teachers could do little to help or guide me, I felt I had been written off as a waste of space.

I was also having out of body experiences as a child, the list goes on. My father who is a spiritualist took me to Brotherhood Gate spiritualist church in Brighton when I was still at Junior School.

Childhood ‘out of body’ experiences continued through to adulthood and is a process in which I now feel confident and able to teach others, thanks to guidance from my Spirit teachers.

I was still at Junior School when my father, who was a Spiritualist, took me to Brotherhood Gate Spiritualist Church; accessed via a narrow passageway nestled between shops on St James Street, Brighton. Needless to say, I was surprised when the platform medium delivered my first message from Spirit, prophetic in every sense, yet daunting in the enormity of expectation; ‘You will work for Spirit and, in doing so, you will take many pathways. When you find the pathway that is right, you will know.’

Healing is my passion and my pathway. It has taken my lifetime thus far to fully realise that passion and, along that pathway I have met and worked with so many wonderful people, with fond remembrance of my Spiritual Teacher and Mentor, John Fields.

Mental Mediumship developed naturally after just a few months of sitting in circle in the 1980s and I was invited to demonstrate these skills during fledgling evenings (mediums-in-training) at Seaford Spiritualist Church, Boundary Passage and a church that holds a special connection with my mentor, and where I eventually became Vice President, Compton Avenue Spiritualist Church.

I went on to serve many churches as a Platform Medium and have fulfilled various positions, including Vice President to May Keywood at the Shoreham Progressive Fellowship.

Of course, life presents many challenges and while my Spiritual development may have taken a back seat during some ‘lost years,’ I also had to make a living. Learning more about life, people, their needs and my own needs along the way, I worked as a plasterer, in nightclub security as a ‘bouncer’ in ‘Old Language,’ a funeral director and I was in the coroner’s office for a while.

Although I am a qualified and registered Healer in many complementary therapies, a trained Hypnotherapist, and an ordained Corinthian Minister, I am no stranger to ill health and appreciate that lessons can be learned from the most difficult of situations.

Most recently, I was hit by a car while cycling and suffered quite dramatically afterwards. Unable to work and feeling the vulnerability of human flesh, the positive aspect to that experience is the more highly defined connection I now enjoy with the Spirit world. Such clarity came with that unexpected shock to the system!

I do not claim to cure anyone, I am merely the channel. I am not a doctor and cannot offer anyone a diagnosis.

I have witnessed, and been a party to, many wonderful healing experiences and for that I am truly humbled.

John Charles Collins.


Important information you must read and agree before any treatments.

Meaningful changes in health conditions have been experienced amongst clients whom John has treated. However, in compliance with the relevant English legislation on medical practice, John does not claim to be able to cure health conditions. Anybody interested in seeking a consultation with john about a health condition should also seek the appropriate mainstream healthcare support. “Any treatment plan with John is a complementary or holistic approach.

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